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As a portrait photographer, I strive to create images that are a reflection of the person’s personality, temper and their inner world.  My ultimate goal is to connect with people and make them comfortable in front of my camera.

As of 2017, I personally, only accept 1 Wedding or event commission per month. Our team of wonderful photographers, I like to call them, “The next generation” are available for any number of event dates.

I am also an educator of photography. I have been a guest lecturer for a number of local professional photography organizations, and am an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.



Geremy started out a number of years ago with LJ Studios as an assistant and has grown into one of our most requested photographers. Geremy has a super sharp eye for the candid image. We call him, “The Sniper”. Don’t be surprised to see him in the bushes or crouched down low, just waiting for mom or dad to shed a tear. Geremy has a quiet and subtle way about him on events that our clients love. He is unobtrusive and always comes back with amazing images!



Gene has been a staple at LJ Studios from the very beginning. When James first opened up on his own after many years working for another studio, Gene came with him. Gene is absolutely hilarious! Our clients love his sense of humor and incredible ability to work with large groups in a quick, efficient yet artistic manner.



Andres has been part of LJ Studios since he was in High School. He started out as an intern from Rye Neck HS and while attending Iona College, continued to work with us, eventually as our studio manager and photographer. Over the years, Andres has developed into a wonderful photographer. When need be, he has a commanding presence while orchestrating family group photos, and as a candid photographer, he has a way of blending in to a party to capture the moments you yourself, might miss over the course of your event.



Meliisa is our Intern Extraordinaire! Melissa is learning photography and is a wonderful assistant. In training to soon be one of our photographers, Melissa has been like a sponge, absorbing knowledge from James, Geremy, Gene, and Andes like nobody’s business. With great attention to detail, Melissa is sure to be, (and already is), a wonderful addition to the LJ Studios team.